New Carrier Agreements: What does it all mean?

Posted by on March 11th, 2013


Last month the wireless world converged in Barcelona to attend Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile show on earth. As always, there were some very interesting applications showcased and announcements made at the event. However, when it came to the M2M world specifically, the new carrier agreements announced by RACO Wireless gathered many of the show headlines.

RACO Wireless announced agreements that will bring network coverage by both Sprint and Telefonica into the services offered by RACO Wireless. These agreements will be in addition to the existing relationships that RACO Wireless holds with T-Mobile and EE.

With all of the interest that has followed these announcements, the question still looms: what does this mean for a current or potential customer of RA
CO Wireless?

Flexibility and Simplicity

Similar to the famous Mac vs. PC or Coke vs. Pepsi debates, discussions have raged over cellular carrier preference for years. While those debates will unavoidably continue, RACO Wireless has brought multiple carrier options under one roof – allowing a variety of choices that will be fully integrated into one award-winning management portal.

From billing and usage alerts to device provisioning and management, customers can take care of all of their M2M needs from one single login, regardless of network carrier choice. This is one more example of why RACO Wireless is seen as the easiest to do business with.

Technology Choices

While the gap between GSM and CDMA is closing as LTE comes into focus, it will be quite a few years before it makes sense for most M2M applications to transition to a technology like LTE.  Making a decision between cellular technologies can be a unique challenge. One technology may offer stronger building penetration while the other may offer a longer battery life or better coverage. No matter the needs of the solution or the technology preference, partners of RACO Wireless can be equipped with the appropriate technology to meet their diverse set of needs.

Global Footprint

It’s been well-documented that technology shrinks the world. As simple as that may sound, it has been somewhat complex to manage a multinational connected solution. These agreements will allow a broader international footprint of connected services provided by RACO Wireless – eliminating the need for customers to seek out separate connectivity arrangements with multiple foreign carriers.

John Horn, President of RACO Wireless, said of this benefit, “these agreements allow the internet of things to expand into markets that previously were either too complicated or too expensive to penetrate.”

The additional network agreements open the doors for customers of RACO Wireless in Central and South America.

As M2M continues to move forward at a blistering pace, it is great time to be a part of the industry. Every day, technology is cutting through inefficiencies and making the world a better place. Through all of this growth, it is critical to have a partner like RACO Wireless that understands the intricacies of the industry and can offer the right tools and networks to make the Internet of Things a reality. The future is bright for RACO Wireless and its customers.