Mobile World Congress 2013 – Highlights (so far)

Posted by on February 27th, 2013


Already on the homestretch of Mobile World Congress 2013 and the headlines continue to roll in. It was anticipated that the Internet of Things (IoT) would steal the show, as it has in the past. With big consumer-facing announcements made by the likes of Mozilla and Sony and HP, much of the M2M buzz has centered on RACO Wireless’ announcement that brings Sprint and Telefonica into their service offering.

Under the deals, RACO Wireless will be able to offer a variety of technology choices with an improved global reach to their customers. Interest in these enhanced offerings has already started to spring up among current and prospective M2M customers.

During day 2 of the show Fierce Wireless hosted their well-known luncheon that featured an M2M all star cast gathered to discuss the future of the connected car. John Horn, President of RACO Wireless, openly discussed the future drivers of demand for the connected vehicle and at one point suggested the possibilities of a ‘Soft SIM’ that would allow owners the flexibility to select the appropriate network service provider, depending on geography or pricing options. That idea was rebutted by AT&T’s Glen Lurie saying that the networks would fight hard against that idea. Overall, it was a great discussion and one that will continue well into the future.

Day 3 of the show should be equally interesting as many of the innovative M2M applications get a chance to shine through the buzz of the tech giants. Already we have seen a couple of ‘outside-the-box’ applications (see: GPS Cane¬†and M2M Basketball).

Stay tuned for more details…